Automotive Window Tinting

Protect your car interior from harmful UV rays and excessive heat with our premium window tint. 

Tinting Services

Our high-quality window film installation standards ensure you get the very best automotive tint work available anywhere in the greater Baltimore area. We take care to apply all window tint materials with cutting-edge techniques and tools that produce professional results. Some of the benefits we provide include:

Premium Window Film

We use only premium automotive window film that features heat rejection and UV ray filtering. This keeps your interior cooler, helps resist fading on interior upholstery and makes your overall time in the car more comfortable. Additionally, the premium film will never fade or change color. All of our installations are backed by a nationwide warranty.

Certified Film Specialists

Our team consists of tint specialists certified in handling and installing our premium window films. This ensures that your windows will receive professional care and specialized treatment from start to finish. Our technicians are top graduates of the only Window Tinting institution in the country.

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