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Serving Columbia, Ellicott City and surrounding areas, We specialize in Exterior Auto Detailing and Window Tinting on all types of domestic, exotic and luxury vehicles.


Exterior Auto Detailing

Nothing will make your car stand out more than a professional auto detailing, performed by an experienced auto detailing company in Columbia, MD. Our team of auto detailing experts have years of experience performing full auto details on all makes and models of vehicles. We offer our services for both personal vehicles and commercial fleets. After your vehicle has gone through one of our auto detailing service cleanings, it will look just like it did the day it rolled off the lot, if not better. Turn heads and make it shine like new with our top notch auto detailing service.

Window Tinting

Window tinting has become extremely popular in recent years, and for good reason. A nice window tint will prevent any unwanted strangers from peering in. No matter what time of year it is, the sun’s rays will be penetrating your windows, which will not only just make you uncomfortable, but can also cause some health problems. Fight harmful UV rays and keep your interior cool during hot summer days with our automotive window tinting. We can apply window tints to any make and model of vehicle. Speak with us to learn more about how much tint is allowed by Maryland law.

Ceramic Coating

Trying to protect your vehicle’s paint job can be difficult, but it is a task made all the more easier with a ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings are liquid polymers that are typically applied by hand. A quality ceramic coating will protect your vehicle’s paint against UV damage and oxidation, as well as any potentially chemical stains. A ceramic coating will provide you with better protection than any sealant or wax while enhancing the gloss and keeping your car cleaner longer. Reach out to us to learn more about all of the ceramic coating services we offer to Columbia, Laurel, Elkridge, and other surrounding areas of Maryland.

About Us

At Apex Auto Performance, we’ve been providing Marylanders with our auto-maintenance services for years. We were founded in Howard County by William Graves, a man who has decades of experience performing all manner of automotive detailing. He is the former owner of Tier1 Auto Detailing of Tyson’s Corner, and is factory trained in ceramic coating installation, and can apply protective finishes of any kind.

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