Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing keeps your vehicle clean of salt, dirt and road grime can be just as important to it’s longevity as regular scheduled engine maintenance. A dirty exterior can impact window visibility, destroy protective paint coatings, and rapidly shorten the lifespan of rubber and vinyl components.

Detailing Services

Professional Hand Wash

Time: 2 Hours
$ 200
  • Paint Safe Hand Wash
  • LIGHT Decontamination of Paint and Exterior Surfaces
  • Vehicle Dried with Filtered Air Dryer
  • Door and Trunk Jambs Cleaned
  • Exterior Glass Cleaned
  • Wheels and Tires Cleaned/Dressed
  • Spray Wax if Requested (Included in Price)

Wash and Wax/Seal

Time: 2-3 Hours
$ 350
  • Soft Microfiber Mitt Hand Wash
  • Wipe Trunk and Door Jambs
  • Clay Bar Paint
  • Vehicle Dried with Filtered Air Dryer
  • Clean Exterior Windows
  • Clean and Dress Wheels & Tires
  • Hand Wax or Paint Sealant Applied

*Not Responsible for Any Property that is Not Removed from Vehicle Prior to Service.

​*Not Responsible for Damage on Non Factory Components/Accessories/Parts.

​*Mini Vans and Excessively Dirty Vehicles (Exterior) will Incur an Additional Surcharge to be Determined at the Time of Vehicle Drop Off.