Top Tinting Materials Yield Better Results

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Like other things, there is a difference between low-quality tinting materials and high-quality tinting materials. And just like everything else, you get what you pay for. If you opt for low-quality tinting materials, you get low-quality results. If you choose to pay a little more for high-quality tinting materials, you get higher-quality results. But what makes tinting materials high-quality, and what kind of results do they yield? Keep reading to find out.


Things Needed to Tint Windows

Tinting windows requires a variety of tools and materials. To properly tint car windows, you need the following items:

  • Film application solution 
  • Razor blade or knife 
  • Scraper blade
  • Lint-free cloth for cleaning
  • Squeegee
  • Heat gun 
  • Window tint 

While you want to use the highest-quality version of every item on the list, the most important thing to pay attention to is the quality of the window tint. That will ultimately determine your results.


Types of Window Tints

There are six main types of tint:



This is the most affordable and adjustable type of tint. It features a series of dyed film layers designed to absorb sunlight as it tries to penetrate your car’s windows. 



This type of tint is the next step up in window tinting technology. Metalized tint features a film that is infused with small metal particles that block sunlight. 



Hybrid tint combines the best of both dyed and metalized window tints. They have a film that is both dyed gray and infused with titanium metallic flakes. 



Carbon tints are infused with carbon particles rather than metal, and therefore make the cabin feel comfortable and provide heat protection. This type of tint tends to last longer, upward of several years. 



Some drivers want the protective qualities of tint without the dark shade most window tints provide. That’s when they opt for crystalline tinting. Crystalline tinting protects the cabin from UV and infrared radiation but with a transparent finish. 



Ceramic tint is the best kind of tint one can get. It offers all the benefits of other options with none of the drawbacks. Ceramic tint does not conduct heat, won’t fade over time, or interfere with radio and GPS signals.


High-Quality vs. Low-Quality Tint

No matter if you choose dyed tint or ceramic tint, they all come in low-quality versions and high-quality versions. How can you tell the difference?


Cheap tinting has several characteristics, including: 


Done Quickly: Low-quality window tint is often installed quickly, without much attention to detail. The amount of time it takes to install window tint varies greatly, but it should not take less than 30 minutes to install tint on multiple windows on your vehicle. 


Bubbling or Peeling: Low-quality tint often bubbles or peels because it’s not applied properly or doesn’t have the proper surface adhesion. 


Rarely Guaranteed by Manufacturer: If your window tint doesn’t come with a manufacturer guarantee or warranty, it usually means it’s of lower quality. 


High-Quality Tint from Apex Auto Performance

Apex Auto Performance only uses high-quality materials for all our tint jobs. Not only do we use high-quality materials, but we also have skilled technicians who have experience installing a variety of window tints. Contact us today to schedule your window tint appointment.