Protecting the Outside of Your Car

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For most people, a car is a significant financial investment. It’s an investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. With continued use, your precious investment can end up being covered in dirt, grime, and other substances. The longer these substances sit on your car’s exterior, the more damage they can cause. Use these tips to protect your car’s exterior. 

Tip #1: Keep it Clean

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to protect your car’s exterior is to keep it nice and clean. It’s easy for your car to become dirty, and when it does, it can lead to damages. Washing your car regularly ensures that dirt, grime, and other debris doesn’t sit on your car’s exterior too long and cause damage. For the most protection, be sure to wash your car off using a high-quality car chemical wash. 

Tip #2: Wax Regularly 

Car wax is a natural or synthetic product that is designed to provide a thin layer of protection to your car’s parts and enhance its paint depth and shine. The thin barrier a car wax creates will shield it from the elements — such as sun rays and harsh storms. The good thing about waxing your car is that you don’t have to do it as often as washing your car. Experts recommend applying car wax once every three months. 

Tip #3: Use Ceramic Coating

To protect your car’s exterior even further, try applying an automotive ceramic coating. A ceramic coating is similar to a car wax as it adds a protective layer — but it lasts much longer than car wax. A ceramic coating will usually bond to the paint and ward off dirt, moisture, and scratches. It also enhances the appearance of most cars.

Tip #4: Install a Clear Bra

A clear bra, otherwise known as a paint protection film, is another way to protect your car’s exterior. A clear bra is a thermoplastic urethane film that provides superior protection against bugs, sap, and other common things that cause abrasions. It also protects against scratches, paint chips, and debris. 

Tip #5: Park Your Car in a Covered Structure

A simple way to protect your car’s exterior is to park under a covered structure. When your car is exposed to the elements, it can lead to scratches, faded paint, and a variety of other damages. A covered structure will protect your vehicle and help keep it looking newer for longer. 

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