How You Can Ruin Your Car’s Finish with Inferior Products

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Nobody likes over-spending, and most people will try to save a few dollars whenever and wherever they can, but when it comes to the finish on your vehicle, you want to steer clear of cheap products. There are a ton of cheap vehicle cleaning products on the market, and in the long run, they can end up costing you more money. At Apex Auto Performance, we’ve fixed lots of finishes ruined by inferior products, and wanted to talk a good bit today about exactly how you can ruin your car’s finish with inferior finish products.

Lower Quality Products Won’t Last As Long

When you put an inferior finish product on your vehicle, you can expect to have to reapply it before too long. High quality finishes can last for months or years, but some low quality finishes will only last a couple of weeks. Whether you’re applying the finish yourself, or are having it applied by a professional, you likely want it to last for a while. The best way to ensure this is to use a high quality finish, and to have it added by an experienced auto-body specialist.

Dirty Washcloths and Brushes Aren’t Good for Cleaning

Before any kind of product can be applied to your vehicle, it’ll need to be washed first. When washing your vehicle, you should always have two buckets, one with clean water, and one to ring out the dirty water into. If you use just a lone bucket, you’ll be washing your car with dirty water, and will end up making it dirtier than before you started. There’s nothing worse than putting some elbow grease into a project, only to discover you shall receive no fruits from that labor. Be sure to use two different buckets when cleaning your car or truck.

Don’t Apply Wax Under Direct Sunlight

Lots of people wax their vehicles because it’s a great way to protect your vehicle’s paint job. However, when applying wax to your vehicle, you should never do it when in direct sunlight. The heat from the direct sunlight can cause the wax to set before it has been buffed. If this happens, it can be extremely difficult to remove the wax. When applying wax, be sure to stay in shady areas, or better yet, do it in a garage.

Have Your Vehicle Refinished By an Experienced Auto-Body Expert in Columbia, Maryland

Has the finish on your vehicle been damaged? Just not a fan of the finish currently on your vehicle? Have some questions about a product you’re thinking about using? No matter what your vehicle finish needs are, our team of experts is standing by ready to help you! At Apex Auto Performance, we offer an entire host of vehicle maintenance and repair services. Stop by our shop, or reach out to us today, to learn more about all of the services we can offer you. We can be reached at (410-709-0707), or you can contact us directly via our website.