Exterior Auto Detailing is Much More than Spray and Wipe

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When it comes to car maintenance, exterior detailing is often considered a simple task of washing and wiping down the vehicle’s exterior. However, true exterior detailing goes far beyond a basic spray and wipe-down. Professional auto detailers understand that a thorough exterior detailing process is crucial to preserving and enhancing a vehicle’s appearance and protecting it from the elements. Exterior auto detailing is a multi-step process that requires attention to detail, expertise, and specialized tools and products. Here are some of the key steps involved in a comprehensive exterior auto detailing process:


Step 1: Pre-Wash

Before starting the detailing process, it’s important to pre-wash the vehicle to remove any loose dirt and debris. This typically involves using a pressure washer or hose to rinse off the exterior.


Step 2: Hand Wash

Once the vehicle has been pre-washed, it’s time for a thorough hand wash. This involves using a high-quality car wash soap and a wash mitt to clean the exterior surfaces. It’s important to pay attention to every nook and cranny, including the wheels and tires.


Step 3: Clay Bar Treatment

After the vehicle has been washed, it’s time for a clay bar treatment. This involves using a specialized clay bar to remove contaminants that may be embedded in the vehicle’s paint. The clay bar is gently rubbed over the surface of the vehicle, picking up any dirt or debris that may be present.


Step 4: Paint Correction

Depending on the condition of the vehicle’s paint, a paint correction may be necessary. This involves using specialized tools and products to remove swirl marks, scratches, and other imperfections from the paint surface.


Step 5: Polishing

After the paint correction process, the vehicle is polished to restore its shine and luster. This typically involves using a rotary or dual-action polisher and a specialized polishing compound.


Step 6: Waxing

To protect the newly polished paint surface, a high-quality wax or sealant is applied. This helps to protect the paint from the elements and provides a long-lasting shine.


Step 7: Final Touches

Once the exterior detailing process is complete, attention is turned to the finishing touches. This may include cleaning the windows and mirrors, dressing the tires, and applying trim and plastic restorer to bring faded plastic and rubber surfaces back to life.


As you can see, exterior auto detailing is a comprehensive process that requires expertise, specialized tools and products, and keen attention to detail. A true professional detailer will take the time to carefully clean, correct, and protect every surface of your vehicle’s exterior, leaving it looking and feeling like new.


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